2 Nobel Prize winners on Responsible Business Conduct: Tirole and Satyarthi, CSR theory and CSR action.

What do have Nobel Prize Winners Tirole and Satyarthi in common? Their interest in Responsible Business Conduct !

Tirole wrote on CSR theory, and dissected the incentives. Essential CSR reading: Individual and corporate social responsibility (2010)   Tirole on CSR IandCsocialRespons2

Satyarthi focuses on action to eradicate Child Labor. He recently said at the OECD ILO Roundtable on Responsible Supply Chains in the Textiles and Garment Industry in Paris (29 and 30 sept 2014):

“Corporations must realize child labor and denial of education are the biggest impediments in sustainable economic growth & Industrial development.”

“Build genuine multistakeholder partnerships, engage multiple layer actors of the supply chain, besides decent work for adults to end child labor.”

“Mere philanthropy in response to CSR is no answer. Transparency in production/ supply chains and business accountability are important” Twittter: @k_satyarthi


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