President Juncker of European Commission on importance Supply Chain Responsibility at G7 Summit

Interview of Jean-Claude Juncker to ARD (Brennpunkt, German Television) after the G7 summit– 8 June 2015, English translation


Journalist: We have with us Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission. Mr Juncker, it’s a pleasure to have you here.



Journalist: What was the most important or most pleasing outcome of this summit?

Juncker: Well, this may surprise you, because it hardly featured in any reports. We have had in-depth talks about the supply chain. It cannot be right that we in our part of Europe are sometimes positively wallowing in prosperity when social dumping around the world means that others are financing this prosperity. We need fair conditions, environmental standards and employee rights for everyone. And we are working on it.


Journalist: Lastly, perhaps a fundamental question. Such a summit deals with an enormous number of topics. People often wonder how it can all be done. So this raises the question of how can anyone put it all into practice, to allay the fears – and the public voice these fears time and again – that it will all come to nothing. How can it be done?

Juncker: The communiqué is not important; what is important is putting the decisions into practice. Yet the fact is that, looking back at the recent G7 meetings, between 80% and 90 % of the decisions have been put into practice. For its part, the European Union has implemented 90% of the decisions taken. That is a remarkable average.

Journalist: Mr Juncker, thank you very much.

Juncker: Thank you……